Best Place for a Pedicure

Tiptop Nails

Women want pedicures because they can't paint their own toes without coloring outside the lines. Fair enough. But polish is only a small part of the process. "Pedicure" is a euphemism for having another human being clean the scrunge out from under your toenails. As such, it would lack integrity to go to a ritzy spa, listen to Michael Bolton and pretend that this is not what you are doing. At Tiptop Nails in the Galleria, unofficially known as Bangkok on Brentwood, dozens of lithe Asian woman in lab coats buzz about a somewhat dingy interior. Shoppers burdened with Famous-Barr bags line up to be served. Not only does the method seem, well, a more forthright way of getting a pedicure, Tiptop does a fabulous job, to boot. Every time. And the prices are wildly inexpensive, so leave a big, big tip. The technician's not clearing your dinner dishes, she's washing your stinky feet and transforming them into things of beauty.

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