Best Place for a Last Date

Busch Stadium

Staff Pick

Taking a date to Busch Stadium (700 Clark Avenue; 314-345-9600) is always a good move. You just really can’t go wrong with the Cardinals. If the date is great, you have a fun event that you’ve shared together. But if the date sucks, Busch Stadium is the by-far best place in St. Louis to disappear. You could just slip right into the crowd and ghost them. That’s kind of rude, but sometimes it has to be done. But if you just want to avoid them for the night without having to confront them about it or spend any actual time with them, you can do that while on your date at Busch. Tell them to stay seated and that you’ll go get the pretzels and beers. Then wander around for an inning or two, meet up with some friends and eventually return and say, “Man, that line was crazy! And then by the time I got up to the counter they were sold out. Sorry.” You know what else might take a while? A bathroom line. Before you know it, you’ve successfully avoided your date for at least half the evening. They’ll be annoyed and you’ll be thrilled, and you’ll get to go home alone and watch the highlights on the couch alone, just like you wanted all along. —Jaime Lees
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