Best Place for a Last Date

Fortune Teller Bar

When you're gearing up to say a final goodbye to that not-so-special someone, two things are essential: ready access to booze and a plan. Fortune Teller Bar — the dark, moody, wonderful watering hole on Cherokee Street — has got you covered. Wednesday through Saturday an actual fortune teller is perched in one of the windows ready to read the future — or the lack thereof for a troubled couple. Since psychics are obviously psychic, she'll take one look at her tea leaves, turn to your unsuspecting partner and say something helpful like, "The only way your heart will mend is when you learn to love again," thereby setting the stage for a truly cinematic dumping. (Conversely, she may turn to you and say, "You're making a huge mistake." Also helpful.) Once the deed is done and your very brand-new ex has fled the scene, belly up at the bar and settle in for a good stretch of misery drinking. Just don't forget to tip the clairvoyant.

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