Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party

Rollercade Roller Skate Center

Staff Pick

f you're a parent who wants your kid to know and appreciate every incredible thing from your youth, Rollercade is your jam. With its colorful, blacklight­-approved carpeting, its designation of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as a "couples skate" and its restrooms' half­-doors that won't stay shut while you're trying to pee with skates on, Rollercade is perfect for showing your mini­-me the kind of fun people had way back in 1986. It's pretty cheap, too — a birthday party with twelve admissions, skate rental and sodas will set you back just $90. At that price, you'll have plenty of cash left over for the claw machine. Party on! 11703 Baptist Church Road, Sappington, 63128. 314-842-3845,
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