Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party

Demolition Ball & Adrenaline Zone

The pizza, arcade games and pool table at Demolition Ball & Adrenaline Zone are what you'd expect at any good family-fun center. And while the laser-tag arena is huge, at the end of the day, it's still laser tag. The real star here, and the reason to make the trek out to DB-AZ over any other fun center, is a little game called Demolition Ball, an ingenious invention kind of like polo...with jai alai scoops...on bumper cars. Racing after a Wiffle ball in a bumper car, it's impossible to take yourself seriously, even if you're a hormonally ravaged fourteen-year-old. The game's only for the twelve-and-up crowd, but it's just the antidote for a teen who thinks that he's too cool for a birthday party.

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