Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party

The Magic House

When deciding what to do to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of one's child, there are many options. One popular option is to have a big celebration at home. This usually involves decorating with streamers and balloons, hiring some form of mildly entertaining entertainment and hosting a number of screaming kids who rummage through rooms, break lamps and generally make a mess that has to be cleaned up by someone, usually you. But there are other options, and one of those just got a lot bigger and a lot funner. Since opening its doors in 1979, the Magic House has always been a place for families to have fun and maybe learn a little something. This year the house became more of an estate, expanding in size to a whopping 50,000 square feet. The old favorites — A Little Bit of Magic, Children's Village, Math Path, Electrostatic Generator, etc. — remain, now joined by attractions like the Star-Spangled Center (where kids can pretend to be president, add their own John Hancock to the Declaration of Independence or do their best national-anthem impression of Roseanne Barr). If patriotism doesn't float your party's boat, they can compose limericks at Poet Tree Hall, rock out at Music Play-Play Music or pop into the Bubble Room. And after the candles have been extinguished, cake consumed and gifts ripped open, someone else cleans up.

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