Best Place for a Kid's Birthday Party

America's Incredible Pizza Company

Just for one day, set aside your concerns about childhood obesity and take your birthday boy or girl to this hotbed of juvenile hedonism. The Incredible Pizza Company feeds your crew buffet-style and entertains them in a state-of-the-art "fairgrounds." Situated behind Ronnie's Plaza on a vast parking lot, the Pizza Co. holds quite a crowd. On a Saturday afternoon, you'll see family after family, moms toting decorated sheet cakes, pack themselves into the waiting area. From there you can see the buffet, which includes ice cream, dessert pizza and, in a wise concession to grown-up chaperones, a salad bar and baked potatoes. All the arcade games accept prepaid swipe cards, and you can buy birthday packages that include an hour of unlimited play. The place swarms with people who are either eating or playing. The Pizza Co. doesn't screw around with ball pits. Here the video games (the latest in driving and fighting) are surrounded by glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, go-karts and bumper cars. That is why you're here, so get in line early.

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