Best Place for a GrownUp's Birthday Party

St. Louis BarCycle

Desperately seeking a novel way to ring in your next year of life? Behold, your savior Dan Lloyd and his trusty steed — a massive, metallic, pedal-powered charabanc — careening down Ninth Street at a breathtaking three to five miles per hour. After clearing some regulatory hurdles last August, Lloyd's St. Louis BarCycle has been a nearly ubiquitous Soulard sight on nights and weekends, and for good reason. Blasting tunes of your choice and boasting room for up to sixteen revelers and their booze, the BarCycle is the best way to traverse the neighborhood barscape. Your sober guide keeps the group on track and on time for as long as you reserve the beast, and a standard route is available if the local options are simply too overwhelming. It's the sort of experience that makes Soulard great and your birthday unforgettable.

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