Best Place for a GrownUp's Birthday Party

South Broadway Athletic Club

The further up the ladder of aging you climb, the stranger the attitudes about a birthday party: Some people run from the inevitable and reject the idea of celebrating, reducing birthday wishes to Facebook pokes and a phone call from Mom and Dad; others decide that parties are just fine by them. That first group is no fun. The second is divided into two subcategories: those who'll meet their buddies for a drink or dinner and those who Throw Down. That last group is the one that gets our vote, but it still leaves the question: Where to get down? Answer: The South Broadway Athletic Club, on wrestling night. On the second Saturday of every month, eight bucks will get you in the door for actual professional wrestling at Soulard's premier (and only) wrestling venue. It's cool to bring a group, the crowd inside is wired for excitement, and you're going to watch actual, live wrestling. On your birthday. Your friends will thank you for it.

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