Best Place for a Grownup's Birthday Party

The Roost

Host a party at the Roost, and you rule. The second floor of Dogtown watering hole Pat's Bar and Grill, the room is equipped with a pool table, Golden Tee, darts, Internet-linked jukebox, television sets and its own bar. Rent the whole place, bartender included, for $200, and it's yours for the night. You can bring your own decorations and your own cake. Hell, bring your own karaoke machine if you think you'll get that drunk. There's plenty of pool-shooting elbow room for upward of 50 people. For $45 per tray (serves twenty), Pat's kitchen staff will supply guests with endless helpings of bar food — toasted ravioli, wings, potato skins, spinach-artichoke dip or lobster rangoon. If you want a more substantial menu, they'll serve up the standard roast beef or fried-chicken dinner for $13 per person. The Roost is possibly one of the best places in the neighborhood for no-frills unwinding, so don't be surprised if you find a pair of jealous regulars creeping up the stairs on a Saturday night. But chances are they'll turn away as soon as they spot you in your Mardi Gras beads and foil crown.

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