Best Place for a Grown-Up’s Birthday Party


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Have you heard about the newest, hottest club in the world? The place where everyone is getting together for celebrations, work meetings, family dinners — literally everything? It’s called Club Zoom, and believe it or not, you can find it right inside your own home, or anywhere with a computer or smartphone and a solid Wi-Fi connection. Sure, it has its detractors. Some would argue that talking to a digital image of a friend on a screen is no match for spending time with that person in the real world — and they’d have a point. But in 2020, spending time with a friend in person could literally kill one or both of you, apparently, and this would not make for a good birthday party memory. So let’s make some lemonade with all these lemons, shall we? Zoom party pros: 1. The viruses here only hurt your computer. 2. No need to find a ride home if you get too drunk; just pass out on camera. 3. Pants are optional. In short, it might not be ideal, but doing things the digital way has some serious upsides — especially if you’re hoping to live to see another birthday. — Daniel Hill

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