Best Place for a Grown-Up's Birthday Party

The Gypsy Rose Landship

Staff Pick

Commercialism, man. It's no good. It has ruined so many days that should be fun and festive — Valentine's Day? Forget it. Christmas is a mess. Even birthdays are fraught with anxiety, and God help you if you're throwing a bash and need to find a venue to host it. But for now, anyway, Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) has retained its innocent, non-commercialized nature, and that's reason enough to hop aboard the Gypsy Rose Landship. Another reason? It's a hell of a place to throw a grown-up's birthday party. Once that Hummer rolls up to your house pulling a big-ass pirate ship (some 40 feet long, counting the Hummer), it's an instant celebration. The ten-foot-wide ship has masts that stretch some twenty feet into the air, and unlike a boat that takes to the water, this one will hold as many buds as you can cram on there — no life jackets are required, and there's virtually no chance of motion sickness. Let the cannon balls fly, have a sword fight, drink all of the grog: You landlubbers get an hour and a half ($400) on the Landship to live out all ye pirate-y dreams with ye best mateys — and you're never too old for that. 314-541-7394,
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