Best Place for a Grown-Up's Birthday Party

A Class with Vino van Gogh

All those tortured artists throughout history were on to something: Drinking while creating is a really great idea. Likewise, painting while drinking is also an excellent way to celebrate a birthday — it seriously calls into question that adage about old dogs and new tricks. Vino van Gogh, a Chicago-based company that came to town in May, offers painting classes at area restaurants and bars several times a month, providing canvases, paint and an assortment of brushes. Soon your fellow artisans/partygoers will be slowly crafting masterpieces that, like most people, look better the more you drink. After some gentle encouragement from booze and an ebullient instructor who'd rather cut off her own ear than say something negative about your work, that big blank canvas — to say nothing of your dearth of talent — suddenly doesn't seem so insurmountable. Sessions are about $40 (drinks not included) and last between two and three hours; check Vino van Gogh's Facebook page for discounts and upcoming events.

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