Best Place for a Grown-Up Birthday Party

Top Notch Axe Throwing

Staff Pick

It's your birthday! A day of merriment and cake, of libations and good friends, a day that brings you one step closer to the grave, spurred on by the relentless march of your fragile body's mortal decay. Time to celebrate! And what better way to toast another trip around the sun than by getting blind drunk and hurling bladed weapons at a handpainted wooden target? Top Notch Axe Throwing has you covered. Sure, axes are the main attraction here, but Top Notch has even expanded its roster of razor-sharp projectiles, adding ninja stars and throwing cards to its formidable arsenal. Best of all, the establishment has a BYOB policy, meaning you'll barely even feel it when you land a funny bounce and end up with a bladed weapon sticking out of your arm. Just make sure to cover any vital arteries, lest that aforementioned march hasten to a sprint.

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