Best Place For A First Date

First Fridays at the Saint Louis Science Center

First dates are uncomfortable no matter what. So why not just dive into the awkwardness by humbling yourself — and the object of your affection — at First Fridays at Saint Louis Science Center? These monthly, adult-oriented parties are the perfect way to lay your inner nerd on the table as the two of you compete in sci-fi trivia, pretend you're the next Copernicus by viewing the stars or each other with telescopes (Foolproof pickup line for the latter: "Now that is a heavenly body!") and finish off the evening watching a campy, science-related movie in the OMNIMAX theater. First Fridays are also cosplay friendly, and a Spandex superhero suit always makes a great first impression on a potential suitor. Take it from us: You make it past that First Friday, and the two of you were meant for each other — guaranteed.

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