Best Place for a First Date


First dates are scary and unpredictable. For those brave enough to head into battle, Brennan's provides a classy-yet-affordable backdrop for any number of potential first-date scenarios. Scenario No. 1: Romance. Two people who already like each other will find conversation comes easy in the warm, wood-paneled atmosphere, especially after a couple of glasses of wine and the intimacy of sharing a cutting board of cheese and charcuterie. Scenario No. 2: The Blind Date. Two people who don't know if they like each other will find sitting at the bar (or the outside patio) a swank-yet-casual experience, should the date take a turn for friendship. When stumped for conversation, it's a handy trick to excuse oneself to the restroom and find out from the message board what the next topic of Brennan's debate series will be. Scenario No. 3: Total Annihilation. Here's the good news for two people who end up hating each other: Brennan's is affordable (no blowing this week's check on someone who sucks), mixes really strong cocktails and even allows customers to buy a bottle to help nurse stung feelings before getting back out there.

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