Best Place for a First Date

Balloons Over the Rainbow

Some argue that a first date should be low-risk and low-key — why invest a lot in a relationship that doesn't exist when you can so easily small-talk your way through a quick lunch at Burger Doodle? A hot-air balloon ride, though, is an all-or-nothing proposition. You're stuck — literally stuck, hundreds of feet above the surface of the Earth — for about an hour, with someone you hardly know. One thing's for sure: You're gonna come away with an opinion about him or her. Keith Fear, owner and operator of Balloons Over the Rainbow in House Springs, has seen a few couples go on first dates and have a wonderful time. "It's not like a roller-coaster ride or anything," he says. "You're just like a bubble floating in the air. It's very relaxing." Yeah, it's a bit pricey — $195 per person (or $575 for a two-person private ride) — but you get some sparkling wine to loosen things up beforehand and a commemorative Champagne flute to keep, even if Date Number One doesn't lead to Date Number Two.
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