Best Place for a First Date


Until recently, we were of the opinion that to qualify as a potential first-date destination, a venue must offer booze, and plenty of it. (You know, to overcome the awkwardness of the situation.) Then we went out on a date with someone who doesn't drink. Suddenly, "shooting," "pounding," and "shotgunning" were unavailable as first-date activities. So we had to find other things to do. Like "walking." And guess what? Walking turns out to be great on a first date! Think about it: You don't have to look at each other the whole time; you can let the scenery do the work. Gazing up at a beautiful oak utterly recasts an awkward moment: You aren't a boring sap with nothing to say; you're deep. What were we talking about? Oh yeah: SqWires is ideal for a first date: It's a beautiful setting, all warehouse-chic, with smart white tablecloths, hip lighting and, yes, a bar. And if your date doesn't drink, the desserts are plenty intoxicating (we recommend the chocolate mint brownie). Finally, it's only a short stroll to beautiful Lafayette Square. And who knows? Your sober ass might even end up snatching a good-night kiss near one of the park's cannons. Boom!
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