Best Pizza (Thin Crust)


If we had a nickel for every snobby opinion about pizza posted on the Internet over the past couple of years, we could hire a heavyweight champion to punch each one of those self-righteous foodies right in the kisser. On second thought, we'd take the money — and the snobs — to Pizza-a-Go-Go. There's nothing flashy about the place, nothing trendy, very little that would pass muster as "authentic." Thank. God. For 36 years, spread over three locations, the LaFata family has served the sort of pizza most of us first fell in love with, gorgeous for its simplicity, its perfect balance of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings. A pie here doesn't just sate your pizza jones, it conjures memories of beery study breaks during college, of fighting with your siblings for the final slice. Yeah, go ahead and take a photo of it for your blog. Quickly. We're hungry, and Pizza-a-Go-Go is there for the eatin'.

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