Best Pizza (Thin Crust)

La Pizza

There is no onomatopoetic term that can accurately convey the sound of biting into a perfect New York-style pizza crust. But there is perfect New York-style pizza around these parts that will make that sound for you when you do bite into it, and it's waiting for you at La Pizza, the teeny-tiny joint that plenty of in-the-know U. City dwellers have called upon to deliver dinner since it opened last year. The crust is charred just right: It crunches but still possesses enough fluff to bend and fold without splintering into a bazillion crumby shards. While that crust is like music to your ears, what's on top of it will make your mouth sing. The tomato sauce, prepared daily, is a delectable salty-sweet, and the toppings are topnotch: 100 percent whole-milk mozzarella (which resists burning in the oven and doesn't bleed oil like lesser grades), whole-link sausage, homemade meatballs, even fresh lobster and crab meat courtesy of Bob's Seafood. In short, Paul Bishop and Tony Rivituso have created a thin slice of heaven.
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