Best Pizza (Thick Crust)

Feraro's Jersey Style Pizza

New Jersey isn't known for deep-dish pizza. Jersey-style pizza is like New York-style, pretty much. The crust is a skosh thicker, the sauce a little brasher in its sweetness, but it's still thin, cheesy, fold-slice-in-half-to-eat-it pizza. In other words, Feraro's Jersey Style Pizza might be the last place you'd expect to find an excellent deep-dish pie -- but there you have it. The crust is the key: It has a lovely light flavor and just the right amount of chew. And while it possesses the heft to support generous quantities of gooey cheese and Feraro's herb-spiked sauce, it doesn't bland-down its toppings. There's one size and one size only: a ten-inch "personal" pizza that is probably enough for two; at $7.50 for the basic pie (add $1 for each extra topping), it's a steal. Owner Jon Feraro concedes that he struggled to perfect his deep-dish recipe, but perfect it he did.

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