Best Pizza (Thick Crust)

Pizzeria della Piazza

There's thick-crust pizza, and then there's Pizzeria della Piazza, which is thick everything: thick crust, thick cheeses, thick sauces, thick toppings, and a thick to-go box to carry it home in. Thick ain't quick; Pizzeria della Piazza's deep-dish stuffed Chicago-style pies take about an hour to make. Regulars who aren't thick-headed have learned to call in their orders ahead of time, even if they're planning to sit their thick asses down and eat their thick-crusts at the restaurant. Regardless, it's worth the wait for all that cheddar and whole-milk mozzarella, dense and intense tomato sauce and delicious toppings (like fresh basil, anchovies, grape tomatoes and yellow bell peppers). Of course, a large, fully loaded thick-crust can run you more than $30. What, you thick pizza like this grows on trees? Thick again.
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