Best Pizza That Isn’t St. Louis Style

Pizza Tree

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You have to grow up in St. Louis to really have an appreciation for St. Louis-style pizza. When people first see it, it’s the thinness of the crust that first catches their attention. And then when people first taste it, it’s the insane texture of the cheese that is the deciding factor for if they enjoy it or never want to try it again. Provel is a love or hate relationship. And if you decide you really can’t stand it and have put some distance between yourself and St. Louis-style pizzas, the pies they serve at Pizza Tree (909 Cherry Street; Columbia, Missouri; 573-874-9925) are considered universally delicious. Located in Columbia, Pizza Tree is well worth the drive from St. Louis if you’re down for a little adventure with your dining. The ingredients are fresh, the flavors are fantastic and you can even order by the slice if you’d like to try a little of everything. Remember to grab an extra pie for the road so you can have pizza leftovers for breakfast the next day, too. Now that’s livin’. —Jaime Lees
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