Best Pizza (Non-Traditional)

Kaldi's Coffeehouse

No one needs an excuse to eat pizza. Are you hungry? Broke? Drunk? Did you tie your own shoes this morning; does the day end in "y"? All perfectly good reasons to sink yer teeth into a cheesy, greasy pie. But if you're craving something a bit different—still round, yes, still no-fork-required—head to Kaldi's Kirkwood outpost and order up a Mediterranean flatbread pizza. The crust is airy, warm pita; hummus replaces the usual tomato sauce. For toppings you've got tangy feta (in a quantity that will warm a cheeseophile's heart), roasted red peppers, meaty grilled mushrooms and a delicious two-olive tapenade. Chase it with one of Kaldi's excellent smoothies or coffee granitas. There's still plenty of time left in your week for a couple of slices of Exxxtra-Cheese-Stuffed Pepperoni Deluxe though after tasting Kaldi's superb twist on pizza pie, you might find a standard slice downright pedestrian.
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