Best Pizza (Non-St. Louis Style)

Union Loafers

Staff Pick

Great pizza starts with quality crust, and of course, the bakers at Union Loafers know a thing or two about perfecting different types of dough. When baked in the same ovens used to make its excellent breads, Neapolitan-style pizzas come out with a blistered, lightly charred crust with a mouthwatering chew. Must-try pies include the spinach, bacon, garlic, lemon, grana padano and mozzarella as well as the spicy pepperoni with Calabrian chiles, herbs, tomato, grana padano and mozzarella. Pizza is only served for dinner Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. and can be paired with a range of beers and wines, as it should be.

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