Best Pie (Fried Division)

The Original Fried Pie Shop

Fried pie sounds like overkill. Sure, it's a truism that everything tastes better deep-fried, but pie is one of those foods that's perfect as it is. So we scoffed when we walked into the Eureka outpost of the Original Fried Pie Shop, a small chain that originated in Oklahoma more than a hundred years ago, took over most of Texas and has now begun the long march north. We won't keep you in suspense (you probably figured the outcome anyway, since you're reading this in the "Best of St. Louis" issue). Our doubts were wiped away with our first bite of a deep-fried coconut-cream pie, which we'd finally settled on after a long struggle: The menu has fruit pies, nut pies and cream pies, and also a selection of savory pies stuffed with various combinations of meat, veggies and cheese. Each pie is freshly made and fried to order in peanut oil for a crisp crust with minimum greasiness. The store keeps some ready-made pies on hand, but it's best to wait. What's five minutes in the long run, when the memory of your fried pie is everlasting?

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