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Picnic Island

Picnics can be irritating to coordinate. There's the challenge of keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold, the matter of transport from production site to consumption site, and dealing with the invariable stressful moment when you realize you forgot the damn corkscrew. Even assuming you clear the aforementioned hurdles, all that careful planning can be for naught if you fail to choose the right picnic spot. This year we recommend Forest Park's recently created Picnic Island. First off, it truly is an island, so we're talking sweet seclusion — in the middle of the middle of the city, no less. Second, it's equipped with a suspension bridge, for easy access. Third, once you're done picnicking there's all of Forest Park to explore, from the Art Museum to the Boathouse to the Jewel Box to the Zoo. Information and maps are available at the newly refurbished Dennis & Judith Jones Visitor & Education Center in the Lindell Pavilion (5595 Grand Drive; 314-367-7275).
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