Best Picnic Spot

Bellerive Park

Watch the barges, nibble on some cheese, have a glass of wine, experience the river, all in a park that, if you time it right, can be yours. Bellerive Park, all five and a half acres of it, is in south St. Louis, right at the intersection of Bates and South Broadway, and it only has one picnic table, parked under a huge tree. It provides ample shade for sunny days, and if you capture the table, you're sitting at the peak of one of the prettiest views of the Mississippi within the city limits. You can watch the barges as you stuff your mouth with chips and grapes and 'tater salad and hot dogs. The kids can play on the jungle gym and race around all crazy-like. Bellerive was secured as a park in 1908 and overlooks the Carondelet neighborhood to the south and, to the east, the Mississippi and Illinois. The spot offers easy access to all of St. Louis via the Bates exit off Interstate 55. A perfect destination for a lazy day of sitting, eating and enjoying the breeze.
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