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Treats Unleashed

Anyone who thinks all dogs are created equal has never been within 100 yards of a dog. Like finicky children with smaller vocabularies and better toilet training, dogs possess a long list of individual likes and dislikes. The same holds true for cats, who are harder to read yet just as choosy. Cater to your beloved pets' whims by shopping for them at Treats Unleashed. Your dog or cat is welcome to accompany you into the store, and you'll be glad for their limited vocabularies, lest you be deafened by shouts of "Want that! Want that! Want that!" Treats Unleashed stocks all manner of pet-perfect items, from adorable designer collars to freshly baked dog cookies that look and smell good enough for human consumption. Active pets will love the wall of toys (two cats of our acquaintance did a spot-on Cheech and Chong imitation after receiving a catnip-stuffed plush mouse), and pet owners will appreciate all the great advice and assistance that Treats Unleashed's friendly staff provides. The store carries several lines of all-natural, organic pet foods, including frozen gluten-free meals that are ideal for pets with allergies. Treats Unleashed's owners, Teresa and Ian Miller, keep a food scientist on staff to make certain that all dogs and cats get the individualized nutrition they need. Bring home a bag from Treats Unleashed, and prepare to be greeted by a happy chorus of woofs and meows.

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