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Wolfgang's Pet Stop

Some days the four-legged customers at Wolfgang's Pet Stop outnumber the two-legged ones. There might be a wriggly cadre of puppies attending an Absolutely Fabulous City Dogs obedience class. There might be a regal Airedale celebrating his "bark-mitzvah" with a group of canine pals, who are all very interested in the peanut butter-frosted doggie cake. Or, most important to owner Beth Ruppel, there might be a delegation of dogs from Show Me Pets Rescue, ACT Now! Rescue or Stray Rescue, all hoping to find adoptive human parents. This strong emphasis on animal well-being makes Wolfgang's not just a delightful pet shop, but also a force for good in the community. Ruppel's friendly hound, the eponymous Wolfgang, is a rescued dog himself. He now keeps an eye on the Central West End store, offering a lick or accepting a head-scratch from visitors. Wolfgang's is a treat for bipeds, too, as it's wonderfully fun to browse the pet-perfect merchandise. The store carries everything from Leather Brothers collars (chic, spiky numbers that'll make your Best Friend look totally punk rock) to artist Ken Bailey's vintage advertisement-inspired pet paintings. Plus, there's a full complement of pet clothes, toys, beds and food. When you visit the shop, don't forget to bring your dog. If he finds out you went to Wolfgang's without him, you'll be in big, big trouble, mister.
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