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When Lola & Penelope's opened in downtown Clayton last fall, offering two floors of gourmet treats, snuggly sweaters and squeaky toys, tails set to waggin'. So we're turning over this item to the experts: our office pug, Myrtle, and our resident tomcat, Franklin.
Myrtle: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Toys! Oh boy! Squishy fetch-ball! Yippee! Chew-rope! Must playplayplay. Hardwood floors! Out of the way, everybody! A pug's gotta slide! Wheeeeee—wait! Snacks? Snaaacks!
Franklin: Calm down, dog. You're making me dizzy. Go chase your tail, or whatever it is that you do, while I nap in this designer cat house.
Myrtle: Wanna play with these glow-in-the-dark dangly fish? Dangly fish!
Franklin: No, I—well, yes. Yes. These fish must be defeated! And I'm just the cat to deliver that sort of justice.
Myrtle: Fun fun! Try on outfits?
Franklin: That's all you, loaf-on-legs. The only thing I wear is a smirk.
Myrtle: Boring kitty. Look! Tiny me-size Cardinals jersey! A Chewnel sweater! Manolo Barkniks!
Franklin: Mm-hm. I'm off to loll in front the fireplace.
Myrtle: Me too! Right after I get a bath and a pawdicure. Wait for me!
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