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Nicole Angeli

Staff Pick

Nicole Angeli does many, many things well on stage, but her ability to reveal the inner life of whomever she's playing this month may be her greatest gift. In West End Players Guild's production of Photograph 51, Angeli's performance as pioneering scientist Rosalind Franklin was remarkable. Franklin is solitary by nature, preferring to work at night as she attempts to discover the then-unknown structure of DNA. Quietly scrutinizing her photographic plates, Angeli's Franklin loses herself in private joy at seeing things no man nor woman has ever before seen. At times, the ghost of a smile flickers across her mouth, the only sign that another barrier to knowledge has fallen. In these silent passages, Angeli conveys the rewards of pure science put in service to the pursuit of knowledge. It was a subtle, marvelous performance that showed us the world through her eyes, if only for those moments.

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