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First Cash

Far too many pawnshops amount to little more than really terrible places to buy an engagement ring. First Cash, on the other hand, is a great place to do some casual shopping. A national chain with three St. Louis locations, First Cash's most popular (and best) store is its North Grand outlet. At times the line of customers is literally out the door, with folks queueing up for two-for-one television sets, mountain bikes, guitars, amps and, of course, bling. First Cash also stocks surprisingly high-quality DVDs for three bucks a pop. (We recently scored a Stripes, Last Waltz and Saved! trifecta.) But back to the window-shopping factor (actually, strike that -- the windows have bars over them): We never cease to be transfixed by the random assortment of industrial items, from air compressors to power tools to floor waxers. For four little C-notes, your floor can be the buffest on the block! With bargains like that, who needs eBay?
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