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Gone are the days when your finest artworks were created on white kraft paper. You don't hang your work on the fridge anymore, so why shouldn't you up the class of the medium? But finding the perfect paper is difficult—unless you know the professional's secret: Stephen Kinsella Fine Art Papers. But professionals know that Kinsella's is not the sort of business where one just drops by unannounced and browses. First you visit the Web site and download a copy of the current price list, then you make a list of needs/desires and phone, fax or e-mail it in. Simple, yes? No, it's quite complex, actually. Page after page of fine papers comprise this list: Magnani, Hahnemuhle and a mouthwatering stock of traditional Japanese papers, among dozens of others, are available. Paper for books, for copper-plate printing, for watercolor, for lining one's pants so as to constantly feel that creamy texture against one's body—it's all at Kinsella's. How to choose? Purchase one of the six sample packs—three-by-four-inch blocks that contain all the available varieties in a family. Kinsella's paper could easily become a lifelong addiction, but don't worry—shipping is available, so you'll never be without your precious fibers.
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