Best Outdoor Graffiti

Mary Miss' Abandoned Pool Installation

Tucked away in the trees of Laumeier Park is the city's greatest repository of vapid lyrics and painful doggerel. Mary Miss' installation is an empty pool, encircled by a walkway and with a bare-timber structure close by. Thousands of snippets of Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Clapton lyrics are scratched into the structure's wooden benches and beams, along with some of the worst drug-induced high-school poetry ever. Ever. In the history of the written language, never have so many brain cells been sacrificed so that so few coherent ideas could be recorded for posterity. Amid smiley faces, dancing bears and the ever-popular anarchy symbol are declarations of love, paeans to LSD and the shockingly anachronistic "Keep on Truckin'." Are blunt(ed) declarations such as "I smoke mary jane for my brain" part of the original installation, or were they added by the stoner tribes of Sunset Hills, hiding out from school and reality in this peaceful setting? Does it matter? Bring a camera and a notebook to record your favorites, because, like the last huff from the bong, they fade quickly from memory once you leave.
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