Best Outdoor Drinking

The Jade Room

Drinking outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures of St. Louis summertime. When the warm breeze flows through town and makes you feel all twitterpated, thoughts turn to how you might enjoy two of your favorite pastimes (drinking and shit-talking) concurrently in the out-of-doors. Outside the Jade Room is the perfect spot to hang out and sip a refreshing cold one. Pick up a cheap libation inside and make your way back out to the sidewalk, where the patio furniture provides a great vantage point from which to watch the south side parade pass. The weekend crowd is especially diverse, with out-on-the-towners milling about, some taking a break from the booming electrothump of the Upstairs Lounge, some on their way inside to make the scene at the Blue Room, some just cruising by to see what they see.

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