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Imagine: Seated at a table, you're sipping a crisp rosé that dovetails admirably with the local tomato, fresh mozzarella and bibb lettuce panzanella at the business end of your fork. Missouri hawthorne trees surround the table. The brick-lined patio is landscaped with slender reeds that lend a sweetness to the air. It's dusk. The day's heat is just breaking, and a cool breeze filters past the hawthorne blooms. As your glass of rosé begins to frost with condensation, you are reminded of... Wait a second! Are we still in St. Louis? Youbetcha. The outdoor patio at Terrene, to be precise. Sure, a glass of wine from Terrene's list aids most any situation, but the Central West End bistro's patio is an oasis so charming that it can quickly transport you from those steamy St. Louis days — if only for a few blessed hours.
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