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Like so many of us, Terrene lost a few tree branches to the Storms of the Century in July. Thankfully, outdoor dining here remains topnotch. What with the lovely brick pathways and the enticing aroma of the wood stove busily smoking bacon, this shady, secluded space—thanks to a still-lush canopy, storms be damned—makes it easy to get in the mood to enjoy chef Dave Owens' back-to-the-earth, locally sustainable eats. When you nosh on, say, the fabulous fried-tofu-on-a-stick out on this patio, you feel even more wholesome than you would if you were sitting inside (though the interior is nearly as lovely as the outdoor seating). The satisfaction of eating good food in this tranquil setting in the middle of the city provides the sort of peace that would help you forget even the most annoying of life's circumstances—like not having electricity for a week in the hottest part of summer.
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