Best Outdoor Dining

King Louie's L'Etoile d'Or Grille

Dining al fresco in St. Louis in the summer can be a crapshoot, but still we love to eat outside. Just witness the huge number of folks you see dragging picnic dinners to any of the many outdoor summer events. And there ain't nothing wrong with a picnic. But when you want to go a little upscale, L'Etoile d'Or Grille, the outdoor dining area at King Louie's, is the place. L'Etoile d'Or has its own menu, featuring foods grilled, spit-roasted and baked in a custom-built outdoor brick oven. Fruitwood is the fuel of choice, imparting a subtle flavor to steaks, chicken or lamb that puts hickory and mesquite to shame. Of course, there's no escaping the mosquitoes, but you knew that when you opted to eat outside.
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