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The Bellwether

Staff Pick

The moment you step out onto one of the Bellwether’s patios, you feel as if you’ve wandered into some sort of fantasyland where dining out feels normal again. It’s not that they are downplaying the need for current protocols — it’s that they are so conscious of making the dining experience as safe as possible that, despite donning a mask, you can momentarily feel like all is well again. The Bellwether is blessed with both second- and third-floor patios; pre-COVID, this was a nice amenity; now, it’s become essential to ensure that the team can deliver to guests two different open-air dining experiences with more than enough space between tables to make you feel as comfortable as possible. This allows you to get lost in the beautifully appointed setting, with its sweeping sunset views and gentle breeze. Add to this the restaurant’s beautiful food and impeccable service, and dining out doesn’t get any better in 2020. — Cheryl Baehr

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