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Dinks Parrish Laundry

In the glorious Hereafter, angels will carry your dirty duds (is there stink in Heaven?) to clones of the Dinks Parrish Laundry building on Olive Street, where firm-bodied Swedes will scrub your clothes with blessed detergent and holy water. One look at the faade of this midtown glory is proof enough. It's either a heavenly flight of fancy or the product of a bricklayer on LSD: Moorish architecture on steroids, replete with spires wrapped in carved grape vines and snowflakes, flower blossoms and clamshells. Until two years ago it languished in midtown like Sandra Oh with a fat suit on. But a recent refurbishing injected new life into the building, which now houses the Loft Jazz Club and a half-dozen loft-style apartments. The fall promises to bring a coffeehouse and an Asian stir-fry joint.
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