Best Old Band

Riddle of Steel

Gather 'round, children, and let Grandpa tell you a story about the way music used to be played back in the good old days before all of this indie nonsense and blogs and death cabs and such. See, way back in the late '90s when bands like Riddle of Steel were starting up, they didn't need two drummers — they just hired a drummer who sounded like he had four arms! There was no need for fifteen people in your band just so you could have some goofy kazoo/dulcimer player who wears a cape for no reason. No sir, Riddle of Steel never got on board with all that poppycock. Those boys have been churning out face-melting post-rock fury for nearly ten years now, and they never needed more than the three of 'em to get the job done. Hell, their drummer lives all the way down in Oklahoma, and I heard he has no trouble walkin' all the way up here to St. Louis for practice! With his drums strapped to his back! In a snowstorm! Some of you young whippersnappers should take notes, by golly.

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