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Best of the Wurst

Hermann welcomes sausage connoisseurs for its totally tubular festival


It's just a few more days until one of the best local-foods festivals of the year, the annual Wurstfest in Hermann, Mo., which takes place March 23 and 24. With this region's German heritage, it's not surprising that some really fine sausage gets made around here, and you can sample bratwurst, leberwurst, schwartenmagen and all the rest in the Pavilion at Stone Hill Winery.

The event also features a wiener-dog derby, traditional German music, a whole-hog-sausage Sunday breakfast and wine tastings at the Adam Puchta, Bias, Hermannhof, Oakglenn and Röbller wineries (plus, of course, Stone Hill), and the new event this year is a "brat knot-tying contest." Hermann is always charming, but the Wurstfest weekend makes it all the more so.