Arguably, this is the best section every year. The human element offers more surprises and more ways to dig into what makes St. Louis unlike any other city. There's something illuminating in taking stock of our heroes and villains, who all add something to the intrigue — even if it's just something to argue about. There are always standouts, but the second half of 2020 has been overstuffed with opportunities for people to step up, or reveal what assholes they really are. (Yes, the McCloskeys made the list. We'll let you guess where they land.)

Thankfully, it's still true that the worst times bring out more good than bad. One of the most inspiring parts of an otherwise disastrous seven-plus months of pandemic life has been watching St. Louis' talent and imagination swing into action.

We've also collected the best spots, tailored to a time when an uncomfortable number of our past favorites are off limits, the outdoors are at a premium and some of our greatest treasures have proven more valuable than ever. — Doyle Murphy