Those businesses that fall under the Goods & Services subsection of our Best Of celebration may not have been the hardest hit in this god-awful pandemic — we'll save that designation for the live entertainment industry, or perhaps the restaurant industry, or maybe bars, or ... you know what? This whole thing has been an unstoppable bloodbath for just about anyone whose last name isn't Bezos, so let's not make a competition out of it.

The point is, our favorite purveyors of goods and services have had it rough this year, but they've been doing their damnedest to survive, just like everyone else. For many, that meant being forced to shutter temporarily early in the year, when only "essential" businesses were allowed to remain open. Then, even after getting the green light to open up again, they've had to deal with reduced capacities, mask mandates, belligerent asshole customers who don't believe in masks (fuck those guys) and just the uncertainty that comes with trying to do business while a deadly virus stalks the streets.

But like so many, the industry has proven adaptable. From the STL Stylehouse's wise decision to begin selling St. Louis-themed masks alongside its other apparel near the start of the pandemic, to Naturally Pure Salon's extensive safety measures that allow you to stop looking terrible while still staying virus free, to the incredible amount of sanitization now employed by every one of these businesses just to keep their customers safe, St. Louis' best have proven they have what it takes to weather the storm. Here are some of our favorites. — Daniel Hill