Best of Enemies

Rated R 87 minutes 2015

This documentary is a behind-the-scenes account of the explosive 1968 televised debates between liberal Gore Vidal and conservative William F. Buckley Jr. The film delves into the entangled biographies of these two great thinkers and luxuriates in the language and the theater of their 1968 debates, begging the question, "What has television done to the way we discuss politics in our democracy today?

Film Credits

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Director: Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville

Writer: Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville

Cast: Kelsey Grammer, John Lithgow, Dick Cavett, Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, Christopher Hitchens, Matt Tyrnauer, Brooke Gladstone, Ginia Bellafante and Sam Tanenhaus


Best of Enemies

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