Best Nonmusic Radio Show

Lavender Limelight, KDHX (88.1 FM)

This particular category is as much mash note as it is actual award. Linda Serafini and Neil Greppin, the talented hosts of Lavender Limelight, have recently jumped from their long-running and always entertaining gay-news-magazine program to the KDHX Friday-morning show. And although their replacements, Thomas Long and Samantha Fenner, are doing an excellent job, they do have some awfully big ruby-red slippers to fill. Linda and Neil's Lavender Limelight shone on a St. Louis that most other media outlets ignore and was always entertaining, as well as informative. Most of the entertainment came from Neil and Linda's rapport and repartee, which supports all the gay stereotypes the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy doesn't want you to know about: Linda and Neil are witty, intelligent, erudite, charming and, judging by their voices, beautiful people. They also weren't afraid to let loose with caustic commentary and dirty gossip. What more could you want from a talk show? Good luck with the new jobs, kids, and thanks for the memories.
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