Best Noise Band

The Lonely Procession

As a genre, "noise" is often thought of as anti-music — both for its rejection of the harmonic scale and for the often alienating sounds that result — but the Lonely Procession's Kevin Schlueter and Chris Muether have found a way to use orchestral instruments in their atonal dirges. Alongside the usual arsenal of sonic manipulation (drones, tapes, feedback), Schlueter and Muether perform on clarinet and cello, imbuing their swaths of echoing, pulsating noise with earthy resonance. But like most good noise acts, it can be tough to extract the individual instruments from the overall piece, and the Lonely Procession prefers to let all the components dissolve into a thick slurry of static. So far the duo has put out a few limited-edition releases and has appeared on a handful of national compilations. (This past summer the Lonely Procession was featured on Trunculence's Locked Groove seven-inch compilation alongside acts such as Nurse With Wound and Indian Jewelry.) Snatch up the group's small-batch releases while you can, or catch them at semiregular live gigs on dimly lit stages around town.

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