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To paraphrase -- well, to paraphrase somebody, "Noise is in the ear of the beholder." Ringtones, the sound of forced laughter and the entire recorded oeuvre of Creed all qualify as noise to certain listeners. To these discerning ears, the sounds of electronic waves compressed and extruded as pure streams of tone, the distant roar of amplified night sounds and the high-end scree electronic effects utter when strangled slowly by competent hands -- these are the sounds of joy made palpable. Raglani, acting alone or in concert with frequent contributors (Dave Stone or Gho$t Ice, as examples), never fails to stagger the assiduous listener with his deft handling of grating power and delicate beauty. Like an analog fist wrapped in a digital gauntlet, the music of Raglani punches holes in the conception of what music qualifies as noise and what noise qualifies as music. Kindly keep your racket of Top 40 pabulum to yourself -- Raglani comforts those who crave a more beautiful noise.
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