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World News Ltd.

Newsstands are obviously an endangered species these days. Luckily, St. Louis has the Sumatran rhino of newsstands — every bit as rare, hard-nosed and as magnificent as the nearly extinct animal. The shop still holds onto that charming old-fashioned feeling, nestled on one of the cutest corners of Clayton and complete with a clerk listening to the ball game on the radio as he guards the cigs behind the counter. Pick up a daily paper from any number of major cities, snoop through a rack of entirely local publications or get lost in the vast array of magazines from all over the globe (GQ and Vogue are both available in three languages). There's a couple of shelves of bodice-ripping romance paperbacks, spinning racks of comic books, a basket of $1 maps — it's incredible how much the owners have managed to pack into this cozy little space, or how long we'd be content to meander lazily down the aisles, grazing at World News' information buffet.

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